21 September 2020

Piedad Bonnett (Colombia)

Piedad Bonnett Piedad Bonnett Photo by Oscar Monsalve

Piedad Bonnett was born in Amalfi in 1951. She took her degree in Philosophy and Arts in Colombia and Spain. Since 1981 she has taught literature at the University of Los Andes in Bogota. She has published eight books of poetry. Her work also appears in five poetry anthologies, including Lo demás es silencio (2003) and Los privilegios del olvido (2008). Piedad Bonnett is the author of five plays, four novels and a memoire in testimony to the death of her son, Lo que no tiene nombre (2013). In 2011 she received the Casa de las Américas Prize. Her latest work is titled Donde nadie me espere. Some of her poems have been translated into English, French, Italian, Greek, Portuguese and Swedish. Since 2015, we can read all her poems in Poesía reunida, published by Lumen. Piedad Bonnett represents a lyrical tradition, her poems dwell upon personal expierences, autobiograpic details and the realities of the current world.

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