21 September 2020

Laurent Demoulin (Belgium)

Laurent Demoulin Laurent Demoulin Photo by Francesca Mantovani

Laurent Demoulin was born in 1966. He works at the University of Liège in the Department of the Romance languages and literature where he teaches history of literature, creative writing and poetics. He is also the head of the Simenon Foundation and the chief editor of Textyles – an interuniversity magazine dedicated to Frenchspeaking Belgian authors. Laurent‘s novel Robinson was awarded with Prix Victor-Rossel in 2017. He writes in many different genres – literary reviews, scientific research, pamphlets, short stories, poetry and novels, sometimes even in collaboration with other writers or artists. He often organizes his own poetry readings usually accompanied by music performed by his friends. Among his books are: Filiation (2000, Prix Émile Polak), Trop tard (2007, Prix Marcel Thiry), Même  mort (2011), Ulysse Lumumba (2014), Robinson (2016), Homo saltans (2018) and Poésie (presque) incomplète (2018, Prix Maurice Carême).



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