21 September 2020

Madara Gruntmane (Latvia)

Madara Gruntmane Madara Gruntmane Photo by Peteris Zalitis

Madara Gruntmane was born in Latvia in 1981. She graduated from a music school in Liepaja as a pianist and studied culture management at the Baltic International Academy. Since 2015 she has participated in and organized multiple workshops, poetry readings and art projects. She has published two poetry collections Dzērājmeitiņa (Drunk Daddy’s Girl, 2018) and Narkozes (Narcoses, 2015). Her awards and nominations include the Annual Public Broadcasting culture award Kilograms kultūras Best Literary Work Nomination (2019), Ojārs Vācietis Poetry Award Nomination (2018), the Annual Latvian Literature Award (Delfi News Site Readers’ Choice Award, 2016).



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