21 September 2020

Antanas A. Jonynas (Lithuania)

Antanas A. Jonynas Antanas A. Jonynas Photo by Vytautas Šimkūnas

Antanas A. Jonynas was born in 1953 in Vilnius. A poet and translator, he graduated from Vilnius University with a degree in Lithuanian Studies and worked for many years as an editor at a publishing house. He has published over a dozen poetry books, the first of which was Seasons Like A Thrush in 1977. Jonynas’s poetry has been translated into many languages, and his work has been collected in books published in English, German, Russian, Italian, Serbian, French and Bambara. He translates poetry plays and prose, from German, Russian and other languages. His most notable translation would be Goethe’s Faust (both parts). His work has garnered numerous prizes, among them the Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Arts. He lives in Vilnius.



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