21 September 2020

Maarja Pärtna (Estonia)

Maarja Pärtna Maarja Pärtna Photo by Riho Kall

Maarja Pärtna was born in 1986 in North-East Estonia. She studied English literature at the University of Tartu. Maarja is a poet, editor and translator who authored four poetry collections: At the Grassroots (2010), which was shortlisted for the Betti Alver Debut Award, Thresholds and Pillars (2013), [Becoming] (2015) and Vivarium (2019). She has translated works of Edward Said, Kathleen Jamie, Robert Macfarlane and Margaret Atwood. She has won the Juhan Liiv Poetry Award and is a co-founder of the poetry press Elusamus. Her poems, which have been translated into eight languages, weave connections between the human and non-human worlds and address issues of identity and belonging.



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