21 September 2020

Enrika Striogaitė (Lithuania)

Enrika Striogaitė Enrika Striogaitė Photo by Vytautas Šimkūnas

Enrika Striogaitė (b. 1967). She studied at (what is now) Klaipėda University but dropped out of her studies after three and a half years, also putting an end to her career in track & field. She acquired her BA and MA degrees in Lithuanian language and literature in the Kaunas branch of Vilnius University. Striogaitė worked as a TV host and producer and cultural journalist. She has published articles on cinema, visual arts, contemporary dance, photography, literature, and music, which appeared in the newspaper Kauno diena, the online magazine Bernardinai, and the cultural periodicals Kultūros barai and Šiaurės Atėnai. Enrika Striogaitė is the author of three books on artists and has also published three books of poetry. Her first book It Rains was published in 2004, and her second – Getting Lonesome – in 2005. Her most recent book People was published in 2019.



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