21 September 2020

Sergejs Timofejevs (Latvia)

Sergejs Timofejevs Sergejs Timofejevs Photo by Tomass Harjo

Sergej Timofejev was born in Riga in 1970 into a family of Russian origin. He finished his studies at the University of Latvia, Faculty of Philology, and worked as a journalist and advertising designer. Timofejev is the author of seven books of poetry (four published in Riga and three in St Petersburg and Moscow, some of his books have also appeared in Georgian and Italian). He has participated in poetry festivals in Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Slovenia, Georgia, and Croatia. His poems have been translated into English, Italian, Swedish, German, Ukrainian and other languages. Timofejev was a pioneer of video poetry in the post-Soviet territory – his first work of video poetry in collaboration with filmmaker Victor Vilx was Orchestra Rehearsal (1994). At present, together with the Orbita collective, he continues to mix poetry with other art-forms and media in installations, pirate poetry radio stations, etc. He was shortlisted for the Andrei Bely Prize (2003), awarded with the Annual Prize for Latvian Literature (2005) and the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize and Vilhems Purvitis Prize for the exhibition Where Do Poems Come From? (2019). Despite that, he still keeps wondering where they actually come from.



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