Julia Fiedorczuk (Poland)

Julia Fiedorczuk Julia Fiedorczuk Photo by Albert Zawada

Julia Fiedorczuk was born in 1975, in Warsaw. She is a poet, prose writer, translator, literary critic, and doctor of the humanities. She teaches American literature, literary theory and ecocriticism at the University of Warsaw. Winner of the H. Burda (2005) and W. Szymborska (2018) prizes, Fiedorczuk is member of ASLE (Association for the Study of Literature and Environment). She has published five poetry collections: Listopad nad Narwią (November by Narew, 2000), Bio (2004), Planeta rzeczy zagubionych (Planet of Lost Things, 2008), Tlen (Oxygen, 2009), tuż-tuż (almost here, 2012), Psalmy (Psalms, 2017); she has also published five works of fiction: Poranek Marii i inne opowidania (Mary's Morning and Other Stories, 2010), Biała Ofelia (White Ophelia, 2011), Nieważkość (Weightlessness, 2015), Bliskie kraje (Near Lands, 2016), Pod słońcem (Under the Sun, 2020), and a collection of essays: Cyborg w ogrodzie (Cyborg in the Garden, 2015). Fiedorchuk also translates American literature (John Ashbery, Laura Riding Jackson, Laurie Anderson). Her work has been translated into Lithuanian and nineteen other languages.








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