Radu Vancu (Romania)

Radu Vancu Radu Vancu Photo by Rares Helici

Radu Vancu was born in 1978 in Sibiu, Romania and is a Romanian poet, scholar, translator, and since 2013 an organizer of the the international poetry festival in Sibiu called Poets in Transylvania. Since 2019, he is the president of PEN Romania. Vancu works as an associate professor at the Faculty of Letters and Arts at the Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu. He is the chief editor of the magazine Transilvania, an editor of the Poesis Internațional magazine, and the national editor of the Romanian section for the Poetry International website. Since 2002, Vancu has published eight poetry books, which have earned him several prizes, both national and international, the novel Transparența (2018), two volumes of a diary (2017, 2021), two children’s novellas, and a collection of social and political articles. His poetry was translated into about 20 languages, either in anthologies and magazines or as individual books. His scholarly publications include two book-length essays on Mihai Eminescu and Mircea Ivănescu, as well as a book on the anti-humanist poetics of modernity. He has compiled several anthologies of modern and contemporary Romanian poetry, either alone or in collaboration with Mircea Ivănescu, Claudiu Komartin, or Marius Chivu. Vancu has translated novels and poetry, mainly from the works of John Berryman and W. B. Yeats; he is also the translator of the ongoing four-volume Ezra Pound edition edited by H. R. Patapievici.








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