Ramunė Brundzaitė (Lithuania)

Ramunė Brundzaitė Ramunė Brundzaitė Photo by Dainius Dirgėla

Ramunė Brundzaitė was born in 1988 in Vilnius. She received her BA in Lithuanian philology and MA in intermedial literary studies from Vilnius University and did internships at the Svevo Museum and Joyce Museum in Trieste. In 2013, Brundzaitė won the First Book contest organized by the Lithuanian Writers’ Union. Her book Drugy, mano drauge (Monarch, My Friend) earned her the Young Yotvingian Prize and the Vilnius City Mayor’s Prize for poetry about Vilnius. Brundzaitė published her second poetry book Tuščių butelių draugija (The Society of Empty Bottles) in 2022, which was selected by the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore as the Most Creative Book of 2022. Her poetry has been translated into English, German, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Turkish, Hungarian, and other languages.








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