Vytautas Kaziela (Lithuania)

Vytautas Kaziela Vytautas Kaziela Photo by Dainius Dirgėla

Vytautas Kaziela was born in 1955 in Valančiai, Molėtai district. Kaziela has previously worked in Lithuanian national and regional publishing, and is currently an editor at the publishing house Kamonada. He is the author of twelve books of poetry, three children’s books, and two essay collections. Since 2012, he has been editing and issuing the Atokios stotys (Remote Stations) anthology, which publishes regional and émigré Lithuanian writers. Kaziela is the recipient of the Kazys Umbrasas, Antanas Miškinis, and Antanas Baranauskas prizes. In 2019, his poetry book Alyvmedžiai (Olive Trees) was selected as the Poetry Book of the Year. Some of his work has been translated into Hungarian and English.








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