Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Vitalija Pilipauskaitė-Butkienė

Lina Buivydavičiūtė Lina Buivydavičiūtė

The sound can be a great raw material for creativity, but in order to understand what it brings, where it leads and what is the real message it carries, one needs silence: to get into the hurricane‘s center and then listen out. Often, the true message is not the one that is shouted out the loudest. Often, the true message is hiding away under nine layers of noise ...

Well, and the fury is energy, action, one of our strongest emotions and states, along with anger and hatred. It testifies to me of some limits that have been violated, of pain, and of inner attitude to fight. It is a step that is essential to make on one‘s path away from strengthlessness, but it is important not to get stuck on it forever. Where it becomes a program for life, fury may remain destructive rather than constructive, and prevent one from seeing all the colors of this wonderful world.



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