Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Lina Buivydavičiūtė

Lina Buivydavičiūtė Lina Buivydavičiūtė

It is quite trivial indeed – but, well, to me the topic of this Druskininkai Poetic Fall means primarily THE novel. The one that I continually nodded my head to when reading. The one that explained me to myself. The one I discovered when studying for my bachelor‘s degree – and it has been one of the strongest books I‘ve ever read.
The sound and the fury are living inside me, those inner voices, their continuous swarm, a schizophrenic kind of being. And that rage of a good girl, that huge anger, and those fingernails digging into the palm of one‘s hand till it bleeds. So that it hurts. Well, now it is also a poem cycle in the almanac of Druskininkai Poetic Fall. Inspired and inhaled by the nostrils of the god of darkness. Expired by the mouth of the god of light.

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