Claus Høxbroe (Denmark)

Claus Høxbroe Claus Høxbroe Photo by Morten Lundrup

Claus Høxbroe was born in 1980. He writes poetry, prose, and teaches creative writing. One of the most active spoken word artists in Denmark and an active organizer within the Copenhagen poetry club scene, Høxbroe calls himself a beatnik. Author of the poetry collection Alt for meget af den gode (Too Many Good Things, 2010). He has given more than a couple thousand performances in Denmark and many North European countries, where he reads traditionally and improvises, often accompanied by musicians. Since 2007, together with various Danish musical artists and bands, Høxbroe has released more than twenty musical and poetry albums. Recipient of the 2005 Poetry Day Public Award and the 2011 Dan Túrell Prize.








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